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Prepare for Travel and Outdoor Adventures this Summer with SSS

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By SSS Team
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Summer is here and so is the glaring heat! The temperatures have been soaring through and reaching the highest of highs these past few years and that has created the best excuse for everyone residing in the Emirates to travel abroad to countries with cooler, calmer and gentler climates. So start packing for an adventure you won’t forget anytime soon with some help from yours truly, Sun & Sand Sports.


The outdoors are beautiful, breath-taking and are waiting for you to explore them – but they aren’t always easy to explore. Thankfully, we have just the right set of clothing and equipment to get you going without a hitch on any adventure you might have in mind. Let’s get started with the essentials.



When out and about, adventuring through forests or mountains, there’s always a chance for the sun to creep up on you and ruin your day. With the Columbia Coolhead Ballcap however, you can prepare for the sun as it’s designed with Omni-Freeze ZERO and Omni-Shade technology that provides sweat-activated cooling along with UPF 50 sun protection.

Up next is the super comfortable Columbia Washouga Tools T-Shirt. When out and about, it’s imperative that you have freedom of motion and your clothing is not restricting you. With this high-quality cotton T-shirt, you stay comfortable throughout your adventures whilst its air ventilation ensures you stay cool.



During outdoor trips, sometimes it’s better to have shorts on and sometimes it’s better to have pants on. With the Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pants, you get both in one as the legs feature zippers that convert the pants into shorts whenever you need it. Featuring enhanced water-repellent technology that sheds rain along with UPF 50 sun protection, these pants-come-shorts are everything you need for an awesome outdoor adventure.

No trek would be complete without a good pair of hiking shoes, because stumbling and wobbling your way through the outdoors isn’t doing justice to your adventure. With the Columbia Bandon Trail Shoe you get a shoe with durable leather and textile upper with Techlite midsole cushions that provide comfort to your feet as you walk on by the best of what nature has to offer. These shoes also feature an Omni-Grip outsole that has a multi-directional tread pattern to give your feet a solid grip on uneven surfaces.



When it starts to pour or when the breeze starts to give you the chills, you can always put on the Columbia Flashback Windbreaker Jacket to protect you from the natural elements. This jacket looks sporty and fun with its contrast colour palette, whilst its water resistant fabric and retractable hood save you from uncalled cloudbursts.

Pack all of this up along with other outdoor essentials such as water bottles, additional clothes and shoes in the Columbia Global Escape 30L Backpack. This large backpack features compression belts at the top and bottom along with an ergonomic construction that provides support and comfort as you trek on through the wilderness.


So grab all the outdoor essentials you need with Sun & Sand Sports and head on out to experience the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest in sportswear and trends.




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