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Power Up With the Reebok Pump Plus Tech Running Shoe

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Few shoe technologies come close to the innovative breakthrough of the Reebok Pump shoe. First released in 1989, this innovative technology changed the way fitness and athletic footwear was designed. The Pump technology employs an inflation ‘pump’ button that fills air into strategically placed chambers around the foot, allowing for a custom fit. Built with the aim to create a pair of trainers that would provide everyone with a close fit despite differences in foot shape, size and performance levels, the Reebok Pump helped basketball players elevate their game.

Power Up With the Reebok Pump Plus Tech Running Shoe

Over the past two and a half decades, the Pump made its way into shoes designed for a whole host of disciplines, including training and running. The Reebok Pump Plus Tech Running Shoe is the latest step in this evolution. The latest shoe features a completely re-engineered fusion fit sleeve construction that creates a locked-in fit. This is achieved with the all-new Pump Air Muscle and 360-degree stretch sleeve that enables a precision fit and supportive ride.

Reebok Pump Plus Tech Running Shoe

The Pump Air Muscle works like an air cage, pumping up and conforming to the athlete’s foot. The 360 degree stretch sleeve serves as a lightweight, flexible upper that holds the foot in place while working in tandem with the Pump Air Muscle to provide supportive stability.

Reebok Pump Plus

The Reebok Pump Plus Tech also incorporates an enhanced Pump visibility that lets the wearer see how the shoe inflates and changes shape, which in turn improves its fit. Its ultralight injection moulded EVA foam midsole enables a combination of cushioning and responsiveness at toe off. The outsole employs a CRTEK high abrasion carbon rubber which is strategically placed to deliver traction and durability where it is needed the most.

Reebok Pump

Becoming more than the sum of its parts, the various features of the Reebok Pump Plus Tech Running Shoe come together and work effectively to deliver a smooth, stable ride with a precise, custom fit. With technology like this at your feet, you’ll feel as though you’re running on clouds. Power up your next run with a pair of your own, and check out the latest collection of Reebok products online at







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