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All Or Nothin’ Retro Style Done Three Ways

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Anything pre-2000 is generally considered retro or vintage. It’s hard to believe that even the turn of the century was nearly 20 years ago. However, Reebok Classics, PUMA and Nike Air Max are ensuring that the pre-2000 decades are not forgotten and are ever present in the power we possess to express ourselves through timeless retro style fabrics and colourways.

It’s All Or Nothin’

They were part of our everyday closet, whether it was for school or socialising with friends. No one knew they would get this big and this trendy. Nowadays, we perceive wearing these key, classic pieces as “making a statement” and the Reebok Classics collection presents head-to-toe, grab-and-go styles that make people want to stop looking at social media for ideas and instead at the fashion on the street in front of them.

Reebok Classics Franchise Jacket- Abu Dhabi - English

Reebok Classics Franchise Jacket- Dubai - English

For men, the Reebok Classics Franchise Track Jacket and pants creates an outfit-in-one with throwback colours in white, navy blue and red. The soft, pastel colour of the Reebok Classic Cropped Tank Top is also a great piece for women to match with Reebok Straight Leg Cropped Sweatpants.

Reebok Classics Cropped Top - Women - English

Reebok Classics Cropped Leggings - Women - Arabic - Dubai

For women, the statement is all in the shoe, as modelled by Ariana Grande herself and the Reebok Freestyle HighTop Satin Bow Shoe, with premium, crisp-white leather upper and Reebok Freestyle HighTop Metallic Shoe.

Reebok Classics Satin Bow Shoes - Dubai

Reebok Classics Metallic Shoe - women - English

It’s Got To Be Colourful

The ‘80s was bold and daring, so if you’re going for retro style, why not shout out about it? The PUMA T7 BBoy Track Jacket and pants are not only scarlet red with contrasting white panels so you stand out from any crowd, the polyester fabric has been made to feel like the shell, crepe-like feel of those old-school tracksuits you instantly think about in those ‘80s music videos.

PUMA BBoy Jacket - Red - Men - Dubai

PUMA BBoy Tracksuit - Men - Abu Dhabi

 It’s Got To Be Oversized

We like it baggy and it gives us serious confidence to wear our silhouette-hugging pants with a clean, colour-block pair of sneakers. Pairing the PUMA Archive T7 Bomber Jacket and PUMA Classics T7 Logo Leggings couldn’t make it easier.

PUMA Oversized - English

PUMA leggings - English

Oh, and speaking of oversized, the shoe has to speak as loud as the clothing. Nike Air Max not only says “volume” it also gives you just the right amount of platform for height with the midsole Air Sole unit.

Nike Air Max Men - Arabic

Nike Air Max Women Shoe Dubai

If you’re a retro head looking for a complete retro style this season, Sun & Sand Sports has plenty of fresh lifestyle picks from your favourite brands such as Reebok, PUMA and Nike. Feeling inspired on the go? Shop with our Sun & Sand Sports App on Google Play and App Store.

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