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Hello! We’re online and ready to roll

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By SSS Team
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

We’ve been bringing you the best in sports, fitness and the outdoors since 1979 and now we’re taking it online with our new platform: the Sun & Sand Sports Blog. Welcome to our very first post!

The Sun & Sand Sports Blog is the ultimate guide to navigating through everything fresh in sports, fitness and the outdoors. We will help you dress the part, think and move like an athlete, and fuel your passion for staying fit. Right here is where you can fire up your street cred with unique urban styles that we will showcase through the latest collections and plenty of our own curated lookbooks.

Now that you know all about us, let’s find out more about you. To start off with, which of the following statements sounds like something you would say?

We're online


1. Everyone’s getting fit and then there’s me – figuring out which is the healthier option: Pizza Hut or Domino’s? I think I need to get moving.

2. Spinning? The 28-day Squat Challenge? Trekking? I mix up my fitness routines like my style because variety is essential and inactivity is the true enemy.

3. I stay in shape by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle. Drink eight glasses of water a day? Check. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator? Check. Run a bit, skip a little? Check. Check.

4. I go hard, fast and strong at the gym— once before work and once after. It’s really tough love that gets the blood pumping and the body moving.

5. I love my sports and nothing can tear me away from a match with my friends, so if I’m fit on the field then I’m fit on the whole.

6. This is 2015; who actually uses sportswear just for sports? I’m all for the urban lifestyle look and a great pair of sneakers is a must.


So you’re a mix of options 1 and 6? Or maybe you’re a through-and-through gym buff: option 5? Either way we have you covered in everything fitness and fashion-related.

Browse through our latest collections of men’s and women’s shoes and apparel now to bring your A-game to everything you do, both on and off the pitch.

As we keep you in the loop with the latest tips and trends, our three decades of experience will help you reboot your routines with our original, informative and jam-packed content series. Can’t decide what to wear on a run? Not sure if you’re doing the right thing in the gym? Could your cleats be hurting your game? We will cover it with our dedicated specials in running, football, yoga and much more.

So stay tuned to our blog for all the latest in fashion, training and fitness because we have lots of exciting features coming your way.

We’ve taken our digital experience to the stores too. Find out more about our all-round, immersive experience while shooting a few hoops or scoring a few goals at the new Sun & Sand Sports store in The Dubai Mall.


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