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Follow the Yoga Trend With adidas

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Just like any other workout, yoga apparel needs to be comfortable and well-fitting – so you don’t have to worry about tugging at your top to get a good stretch. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style to stay comfy. Here are 3 stylish adidas ensembles to try at your next yoga session.


For no slip and slide: Yogi Yin tank + small all-over print long tights 

Yogi Yin tank + Small All-over Print long tights

If you’re a fan of Bikram yoga, or hot yoga then this Climalite moisture-wicking combo is a great fit for your session – particularly because the long tights will keep you from slipping around when you’re gliding into new poses. The top’s skinny straps and semi open-back detailing give your shoulders ample space to roll about, while ensuring a secure, comfortable fit throughout your session – exceptionally important in the more movement-intensive sessions like Vinyasa.


For easy movement: Yogi twist tee + small all-over print long tights 

Yogi Twist tee + Small All-over Print long tights

This wide-neck tee and tights are perfect for your physically-challenging yoga sessions, with the ensemble’s silhouette promoting easier, more effortless movements – particularly important in Iyengar yoga where there are more strenuous poses and use of props. Keeping the sweat away with moisture-wicking technology, these tights stay fitted and comfortable, so that you can hone in on those meticulous poses in class.


For controlled breathing: Yogi crop top + long tights 

Yogi crop top + Small All-over Print long tights

To breathe and move better, this wide-neck crop top and tights pairing is best for yoga sessions with lots of breath-control exercises such as Ashtanga or Restorative classes. The tights offer plenty of room for relaxed inhales and exhales as there’s no tight fabric holding you back, while the crop top will have you monitoring your diaphragm action – all while keeping you cool and dry with the Climalite feature.

Other accessories: To complete your yoga ensemble, get your hands on the marble-printed yoga mat from adidas with its easy-to-carry webbing strap so you can take it anywhere, while the anti-slip feature of the mat will have you moving into poses with control.

If you’re looking to find out more about yoga or other similar workouts, read about it in The lowdown on Yoga, Pilates or Tai-chi and check out our other yoga gear in the SSS Women’s section.


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