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In Focus: The North Face Desert Challenge

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Attention all trail runners – we’ve got a real challenge for you. TNF Desert Challenge should ring a few bells if you’re an active adventurist, and if you haven’t been in the sporty loop recently, then we’re here to give you another reason to shop for trail running shoes, hiking gear, backpacks and mountain athletics apparel from

The Challenge

Desert Challenge_1

Take up an intense training desert challenge with The North Face and be in with a chance to win a unique training experience at the majestic Denali Mountain in Alaska. Also known as Mount McKinley, the peak stands at nearly 20,310 feet above sea level and is the third most prominent peak after the Everest and Aconcagua.

The Contenders

Desert Challenge dxb

TNF Desert Challenge is all about pushing your limits. Every weekend, we put our contenders to the test at three different locations – Shawkah Dam, Wadi Shawkah and Fossil Rock. More than 100 Challengers participated in the first 20 training sessions; these training sessions involve mountain athletics, trail running and more. Every contender is required to carry a 2 litre hydration pack, sunscreen, power bars and fruits. Participants are encouraged to share their training experiences on their social profiles and every week the leader board is updated with the top 5 contenders. Ultimately only one lucky winner will be given the personal training experience of a lifetime.

The Coach

Desert Challenge_2

The Desert Challenge sets the bar high with its intense training sessions. Each session is curated in a way that fits well with both expert and amateur experience levels. To inculcate, improve and harness their full potential we teamed up with Coach Lee Harris to head the pack of adventurers. Backed by 11 years in the HM Royal Navy, training and competing comes easy to Coach Lee. Weight lifting, cycling, boxing, MMA, mountain biking and quite recently the Ultra Trail Running are just a few of his sporting accolades. His goal is to share his passion for sports with the trainees, build their confidence and help them to achieve their goals. As Coach Lee proudly states, “There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than to see someone reach their full potential and being a part of their journey.”

If you’re looking for your next adventure then browse through The North Face collection right away and watch this space to get the latest update on The North Face Desert Challenge.



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