Sporting Life | 14/06/2023

Dive into Safety: Speedo’s Swim United Campaign

By Ankita Bhagnani
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Speedo is not only dedicated to creating top-quality products but is also committed to making the world a safer place. Speedo has embarked on a transformative journey to educate and protect individuals from the often-overlooked dangers of water. Recognizing the need for drowning prevention and water safety, Speedo has taken decisive action and developed the Swim United programme. Through the Swim Unired campaign, Speedo strives to empower children by equipping them with vital swimming skills, instilling a love for the sport, and helping save lives.

Speedo's Swim United campaign

What is Swim United?

Swim United is an international water safety initiative by Speedo that aims to achieve greater equity in water, via a platform of inclusivity.

To kickstart the Swim United programme in MENA, Speedo has partnered with Dubai Autism Centre (DAC), the largest, most innovative and comprehensive non-profit organization in UAE that provides a unique educational environment for children with autism. DAC strives to integrate children with autism into the community through holistic approaches to education, therapy, and promoting social awareness about autism.

Swim United in UAE

As part of the partnership between Speedo’s Swim United and DAC, swimming lessons are provided to 40 children from DAC. Trainers from Speedo Swim Squads in UAE provide lessons to students in carefully curated batches, enabling them to learn essential life skills, enjoy their time in water and find joy in the sport.

Apart from the lessons, the kids are also provided with the necessary swimming gear and accessories, making the learning experience fun and engaging.

The positive impact of this partnership has been recognized and appreciated by the Dubai Autism Center, as well as the community at large.

Mohammed Al Emadi, Director General of the Dubai Autism Center recognizes the importance of swimming for children and expresses gratitude to Speedo for the Swim United campaign as he says: “We would like to thank both Speedo Swim Squads and Speedo MENA for dedicating their time and effort to helping children at the Dubai Autism Center by providing their professional experience in swimming lessons. We look forward to continuing to work together to build a bright future for our community to support our leadership’s vision of transferring Dubai into a Friendly City for People of Determination.”

Eman Abushabab, Community Outreach Manager, Behavior Analyst, at the Dubai Autism Center, said: “Swimming, as a form of exercise, is invaluable for children with autism. Most parents may hesitate to have their child in the water, given their challenged coordination skills and cognitive processing. However, it helps them overcome their weaknesses.”

Caroline Potel, Managing and Swim Director at Speedo Swim Squads emphasizes the core values of their organization, which include safety, inclusion, respect, and development for all through the sport of swimming. The partnership with DAC perfectly aligns with these values, allowing them to witness the joy and progress of the students in each session.

The support and dedication of all involved parties highlight the importance of inclusivity and the transformative power of swimming in enhancing lives. Join us on this remarkable journey as we delve deeper into Speedo’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and fostering a brighter future for swimmers worldwide.

Together, we can create a wave of change that will make a lasting difference. To know more, you can read about the Swim United campaign and the programme’s successful efforts in the UK and South Africa.


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