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Denali Diaries With TNF At Sun & Sand Sports

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Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet. It also is home to one of the best trail run tracks in the world. Part of the Denali National park that’s made up of six million acres of land, divided by a single road, Denali is an attraction for trail runners from around the world as they come to get lost in the seclusion, wilderness and tranquillity of the outdoors.

If you’ve been out of the loop, back in December of 2016, we announced The North Face Desert Challenge where a lucky winner would get to experience unique training at the majestic Denali Mountains of Alaska. People of different nationalities, capabilities and experiences, all came to take on the challenge and together enjoyed trail runs through the deserts of Dubai. Led by Coach Lee Harris, every trail runner was trained and motivated to inculcate, improve and harness their full potential.

Angel Motpan was the lucky winner of the challenge and got to visit the beautiful Denali Mountain. With perfect chilly weather for morning runs, Angel went out on trail runs almost every day of her stay at Denali. Encountering the beautiful wilderness of the National Park, Angel was quoted saying, “First day in Denali National Park and this was also the first time I saw a brown bear calmly crossing our road and completely ignoring me. I quickly understood that I was just a guest in this immense wilderness paradise.”


It’s always difficult to go uphill and Angel faced similar problems but it was all worth it when she reached the top to the incredible vistas of Denali – this was during her Savage Alpine Trail as she climbed 1500 feet. She spent a week in the middle of the forest where she was surrounded by stunning views of the nearby mountains as she heard natural sounds of nature from her secluded and quiet place of stay. And while trail running was the main goal of the trip, Angel also got to kayak at the bottom of the Valdez glacier as icebergs flowed calmly past them.


The Denali trip for Angel was the trip of a lifetime and thanks to The North Face, she will forever cherish the memories of outdoor adventures within Mother Nature’s tranquil beauty. Angel ended her trip on a high note and quoted, “I just understood that if you have legs and you’re able to run, you can do long distance, you can do any distance you want. Only thing you need is training, commitment and just believe in yourself. That there is no limit actually to your body’s capabilities and this is thanks to The North Face for being here and giving me the opportunity to do these things.”


You too can start your trail running journey out here in the UAE or anywhere abroad – maybe Denali. We’ve handpicked a collection of outdoor products that will definitely elevate your trail running experience beyond what you might’ve imagined. Go on, trail run!







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