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Urban Beats at the Beach by Vans

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Vans has always been at the crossroads of counter-culture and an active lifestyle, putting the spotlight on artists and individuals with fresh perspectives, voices and expressions. Continuing this bond of art, music and extreme sports is the upcoming Vans event: Urban Beats at the Beach, taking place at the North Lawn Amphitheatre of the Beach, JBR Dubai. A festival bringing together some of the region’s pathbreakers in extreme sports, Urban Beats at the Beach will showcase talent, art and music from the alternative/skater subculture.

What: Urban Beats at the Beach by Vans

Where: North Lawn Amphitheatre, the Beach, JBR, Dubai

When: 31st March to 2nd April, 2016, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Prepare to witness extreme skateboarders perform ollies, leaps and rad tricks, as BMX bikers put pedal to the metal, taking on huge U-ramps. For the bass drum fiends, DJs will be mixing live sets while MCs spew verses on the microphone. And what’s a heavy beat without b-boys locking and popping moves to it. Expect to see local break-dancer crews battle against each other as the DJ lays down some seriously fresh frequencies. Feeling art-inclined? Graffiti artists have you covered with their themed signature tags at the festival.

In special attendance at Urban Beats at the Beach will be the region’s hottest extreme sports athletes. Prepare to see Fahood Taymoor, Mohammed Waleed, Nabeel Merchant, Brad Kirr and Jerome Rafael bend the laws of physics with the slickest tricks on their skateboards and BMX bikes.

With an expected audience of 18,000, this event is absolutely unmissable. Slip on some Vans shoes from the SSS online store and take in the music, art, workshops, live entertainment and so much more, all happening at The Beach. We’ll see you there.







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