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Back to School: Swimming Tips From SSS

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By SSS Team
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We continue our Back to School series with more sports tips from Sun & Sand Sports. Today’s focus is swimming. Many swimmers love the freedom and the feeling of being weightless in the water, but for others swimming can be a scary experience – which is why it’s important to start kids out with swimming lessons at a young age. Sun & Sand Sports will give you the advice you need to kit your kids out in all the latest performance swimwear for the pool, with a few tips to get you started before the new school term begins.

Why is swimming so important?

Swimming is a great all-round activity and is also a form of exercise that is equal parts fun and fitness. Swimming not only helps to bring the heart rate up, it also reduces the impact of stress on the body. It is a great way to build endurance and stamina, along with muscle strength and general cardiovascular fitness – which is important for everyday activity, health and fitness. All of this is perfect for your child as it helps them maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, healthy lungs and overall a healthier lifestyle. It evens tones muscles and builds strength in them, and not just the external strength, swimming also improves the form and personality of the swimmer – an all-round benefit for children.

The benefits of swimming

  • Swimming relieves stress as it forces you to focus on your body instead of the outside world. In the pool, the water helps loosen you up, calms you and hence, you end up in your own bubble, enjoying the time you spend in the water.
  • Swimming builds you up both physically and mentally. It’s a nice form of ‘active meditation’, which is a really important strategy for unwinding and is great for kids as it can help with personal discipline and motivation when it comes to sport and one’s outlook more generally.
  • Learning to swim is important in this region, with access to swimming pools being very easy – not to mention the beach. Once your child gets the hang of swimming, they can get involved in a huge range of water activities available in the region. From surfing, to stand up paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing, wake boarding and scuba diving – there are so many water sports to learn and the great thing is that they can be enjoyed as a family on holidays and at weekends.

Get the right gear

Get your child ready for school with the essential Back to School swimming supplies and set them up for the new term ahead.

Nike Kids’ Tank Top & Swim Shorts

Back to school

Havaianas Kids’Radical Flip Flop

Back to school

adidas Gympose Revolution Bag

Back to school

For all your Back to School essentials, head to the Sun & Sand Sports Back to School page and stay updated on everything you need to know before the new school term begins. Sign up to our newsletter for all the latest updates so you don’t miss a thing.



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