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5 workout routines for toning up

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Many turn their backs on low-impact exercises, thinking they’re either too easy or too slow in yielding results. As well as being less stressful on the body and kinder to your joints, many low-impact workouts can blast calories and sculpt muscles just like any other strenuous workout routines.

So if you’re looking for a complement to your workout routines or just easing yourself into exercising, here are the 5 best low-impact training sessions to help you get fit and lean.

1. Foam Roller

5 things you need for toning up

While it may look fairly basic, the foam roller is super-versatile in everything fitness related, from fixing muscle knots to sculpting abs. Use it as a remedy agent by rolling slowly over the foam to knead out any tightness, or work up a sweat by positioning the tube on hands, feet or the neck as you perform press-ups or sit-ups to lose belly fat and generally tone up.

What should I get? Gain flexibility, soothe sore areas and challenge your core by working out with tubes like the KT Tape Grid Foam Roller.

2. Fitness Ball

5 things you need for toning up

Call it whatever you like – exercise ball, Swiss ball, workout ball – this anti-burst, flexible plastic sphere is a great addition to any low-impact training session. Coming in various sizes, this bouncy ball can replace a weight bench when doing sets of crunches and barbell lifting, or serve as the best prop to yoga and Pilates sessions.

What should I get? Pick a ball size that tallies with your height so you’ll have better resistance and intensity when working out – do so by aiming for the ProForm Stayball.

3. Yoga Mat

5 things you need for toning up

In the yoga community, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on finding the right mat. While exercise newbies may leave this search out until they’re more committed to the game, a yoga mat is essential to executing most low-impact training as it provides support, padding and it separates you from the ground.

What should I get? Picking the right mat depends on your workout; for those looking to stretch those muscles then the Lotus Folding Yoga Mat is ideal as it is nicely padded and folds easily like a towel for easy storage.

4. Door Gym

5 things you need for toning up

Easy to attach and remove, the door gym facilitates most body weight workouts that are highly effective in toning up and burning fat while remaining low-impact. From sets of pull-ups to total body workouts, the door-mounted bar is all self-service because the fitter you get, the more intense it gets to work against your muscle mass.

What should I get? There are plenty of home training door sets available, many offering the lethal combo of 8 or more workouts that can be done on these bars just like the ProForm Multi-training Door Gym that can be interchangeably used on the ground for push-ups.

5. Bulgarian Bag

5 things you need for toning up

The Bulgarian bag provides the features of a kettlebell, barbell and dumbbell in one nifty exercise tool. With this, you can sculpt your body while performing exercises that challenge the abs, glutes, hands and legs without stressing them out.

What should I get? These training bags weigh anything from 5kg to 23kg, so to squat, bend, swing and lunge better, look for the ProForm Bulgarian Bag that’s durable, mobile and perfect for any fitness level.

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