Sporting Life | 01/12/2017

5 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

By SSS Editorial

There are so many reasons to take up cycling, including boosting your fitness, being environmentally friendly (and cost-effective!), and cycling is definitely the option if you want to ditch the traffic jams and hop on for a two-wheeled adventure. With cycling making a much overdue comeback, take a shot at it for the first time, or brush up your rusty skills as we round off the top 5 reasons for you to do so.

cycling dubai

1. Pump up your heart rate

Being a low impact sport, cycling can be readily taken up by anyone, provided you know where your weaknesses lie. Besides the obvious health reasons in favour of losing weight and staying fit, cycling regularly (and for a decent distance) has been linked to many long-term health benefits.

2. Quads of steel

With regular cycling, you will be able to show off your chiseled calves and quads as you get the perfect workout to keep stiff joints away and fight off arthritis for a truly toned body with stronger muscles.

3. Burn calories, not fuel

Steady cycling helps burn off approximately 300 calories per hour and since it helps build muscles, you will see a significant improvement in your metabolic rate. Helping you play your part to the environment with 0% pollution, hopping onto a bike is inarguably the greenest means of transport available.

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4. Quality ‘YOU’ time

Pedal away your stress and tensions because cycling is a great mood-lifter and helps you get your fix of both exercise as well as enjoyment.

5. Cool new gear

The snazzy cycling gear, from bikes to helmets and everything in between, allows you to fully express your personal style as you zip about town on your trusty ride.

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