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4 dos and don’ts for training goals

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By SSS Team
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Training for the first time? Training after a long time? With key sporting events in athletics and running heating up across the globe this season, you may be feeling the gym itch once more!

Sometimes, though, we need to remind ourselves of the basics before we get stuck into our training goals again and yes, you’ve guessed it, what you wear is a big part of training effectively. Take a look at some of our training tips and go from zero to training hero today!


DO opt for expert kicks

They can mean the difference between injury and success. It’s fine to use a lighter shoe for lighter exercise, but switch up the style if you’re lifting those heavy weights and need extra support. Try on our training shoe picks like the Nike Metcon Free, Nike Metcon 4, Under Armour Speedform AMP 20 Shoe and Nike Romaleos 3.

Don’t decide to use a sneaker for training in, there’s a reason why it’s called “sports fashion”!

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DO consider zero-chafe apparel

When you take on a high-impact sport such as training in the gym, friction from clothing + sweat = chafing; no one wants that. So opt for seam-free options so you avoid this ‘ouch’ situation. Try the high-performance Under Armour training apparel with the next-to-skin feel.

Don’t work out in your normal activewear with no tech that’s made for the sport. It’ll be heavy, exhausting and it will just make the sport a real chore.

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DO plan ahead and stick to your plan

We all know plans are often skewed by everyday distractions. If you predict that your week ahead will be a busy one, get up earlier, or make yourself train later – or see if you can do some alternative exercises at home. Every day you spend training counts towards the end result and that teaches you something new. Get some motivation with matching sets from Under Armour.

Don’t sacrifice too much. A plan should work around your life, your family, your work and your health goals.

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DO see this as a new beginning

People often train as a one off and then don’t do it for another year and it’s hard to see why. All that hard work, good diet, strong discipline; you must be feeling great! So why stop? Keep active, keep going – your health matters every single day.

Don’t confine yourself to the gym. Try another sport! Your base level fitness is there, so hold onto this as long as you can, and use it to your advantage; you’re fit enough to tackle tennis, football; anything!

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