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Unleash the Unlimited with Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe

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Debuting shortly before the 2012 London Olympics, Nike’s FlyKnit technology has been making a splash internationally because of its ‘second-skin’ fit. Whether you’re an avid athlete or a lifestyle lounger, here are some of the reasons why the Nike Free RN FlyKnit is the perfect shoe for you.

Substantial Strength: The Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe is made from strong yet flexible fibers that support your foot during training to ensure that you are at your best during your quickest moves.

Powerfully Protective: The design’s water-protective shield and heat-fused TPU yarns makes the Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe stand out from the crowd. The adaptive FlyKnit upper wraps your foot from heel to toe to give you lockdown support and enhanced traction.

Particularly Precise: Accurately engineered stitch by stitch, the Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe has the ability to target stretch zones to provide extensive support for enhanced, adaptive performance. The formfitting comfort and flexibility make it your go-to shoe for any and every activity.

Largely Light: The Nike Flyknit Shoe’s ultra-light yarn replaces multiple stitched and glued panels, offering your foot extra support and freedom to move from sprints to squats with ease.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Waste: The innovative design of Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe helps to reduce the amount of landfill waste and maintain unprecedented performance levels, while offering you the comfort and snug shoe fit that you’re after.

Furthermore, it is now possible to go sockless with the Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe. Whether you’re shooting hoops on court, running towards the goal or working out at the gym, the ‘second-skin’ fit allows you to feel comfortable with or without your socks on, in addition to giving you a tight fit even without laces.

Nike Free Run FlyKnit

The Nike Free RN FlyKnit Shoe is also equipped with visual cues – when you look down at the shoe, the changing colours on the upper indicate where and how pressure is applied when you’re out and about. Isn’t that a cool way to maximise your performance? This is why we can safely say that the Nike Free RN FlyKnit is a shoe that will match your needs effortlessly and help you improve your performance with every wear.

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