Sporting Life | 13/11/2018

Training Tips For Cold Weather

By Glaiza Godinez
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Training season is every season, but during cold weather months, it can get a little tougher. In the UAE, winter means overcast skies, sand storm, rain and dropping temperature. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from sticking to their training plan whether indoor or outdoor. In this part of the world, winter season is marathon and sports season too, with plenty of racing events, fun runs and other challenging activities to get ready for and take part in. So make the most of the weather with some practical training tips and our just arrived fitness wear from Under Armour and adidas for this training season.

Warm up

adidas statement collection

training season in Abu Dhabi

Increase your body heat, pump yourself up and avoid sports-related injuries with the right warm-ups. Activate your muscles by stretching, hip rotations, jumping jacks or even just walking around. You’ll need supportive gear that will move and stretch with you, like these compressive pieces from the adidas Statement Collection. Tight, but always comfortable and breathable.

Think in layers

under armour training season

training season in UAE

Layer up with compressions first, like a fitted tee, and then loose clothing items on top, like these high-coverage jackets, that can easily be removed if it gets too warm. The more you work out, the higher metabolic heat you produce.

Support your training

training season in Dubai

Even if it’s cold, your training season should be supplemented with the right nutrition, hydration, rest and recovery period. Dehydration or incorrect breathing may be hard to detect because of the weather, but you should be mindful of these while exercising. Toughen up your immune system with fruits and vegetables or healthy supplements.

This time of the year, prepare for your training by planning well and using the right gear. The Under Armour seasonal collection for men and adidas Statement Collection for women lets you work out harder and smarter. Shop now at or via our mobile app.

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