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Tennis Talk: Dunlop Rackets

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Picking the right tennis racket is essential, but it can also be a difficult task, even for the pros. Keeping your skill level in mind, consider the racket’s head size, weight, grip, and built-in technology to help with your game. The Dunlop rackets are tech-packed and designed to support any skill and playing style, so let’s take a closer look at the versatile range to help find the perfect one for you.

Dunlop Force 98 Tour Tennis Racket

Dunlop rackets Sharjah

The new Force system is all about power, spin and speed. Its modern and edgy Aero Profile is aerodynamic and delivers better racket head speed, ball acceleration and energy conversion. This racket is built for the aggressive players on the court.

Dunlop Precision 98 Tennis Racket

Get more ball control with the Precision series, engineered with the Hybrid Cross Section that combines speed and stability. The carbon fibre body also filters the heavy impact for better handling. It has a tonal and sophisticated design – best for the counterpunchers with unbreakable defence.

Dunlop Apex Tour 20 Tennis Racket

Dunlop rackets Abu Dhabi

For the right balance of power and control, the Apex is lightweight, manoeuvrable and has an aggressive, textured AeroSkin surface to enhance speed. Its Vibrotech system of wider grommets (strip that holds the strings) absorb shock upon ball impact, and is ideal for the players with the moderate swings.

Dunlop Blackstorm 20 Pro Tennis Racket

Stir up a storm on the court this unique five-sided cross section Dunlop racket that enhances rigidity, performance and torsional stability for better control. While the 3Dom grommet and string bed system is more flexible and reduces friction, it’s great for the intermediate and recreational players.

Dunlop Blaze Elite 20 Tennis Racket

Dunlop rackets Dubai

For those getting to grips with the sport or amateurs looking to improve, the Blaze is a good starting point in the range of Dunlop rackets. It offers great power in a lightweight and easy to use frame, and it reduces impact vibrations.

Dunlop rackets are engineered for precision and power, speed and style for tennis players starting out or chasing their Grand Slam. Shop Dunlop equipment now at, and be updated with what’s trending in the tennis world by subscribing to our newsletter and downloading the SSS shopping app.



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