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Be A Swim Star With Arena

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Swimming is great workout and an important life skill to learn. Teaching children water safety and the basics at an early age can save lives and kickstart good swim habits to last them a lifetime. Today, the sport is part of most school curriculums (especially in this part of the world) because it builds kids’ swimming strength and confidence in the water.


When Adam Kandil was five, he recalls being amazed by athletes he’s seen in the Olympics. He names legendary Michael Phelps as one of his sports heroes. Seeing his eagerness, his parents signed him up for three kids’ swimming sessions in a week. Now at age 10, Adam is already a top-ranked swimmer that competes in local and international meets. This year, he took home one silver and two gold medals in the aquathlon. Adam says swimming is an enjoyable sport for him because it keeps him healthy, active and allows him to hang out with his training buddies. We caught up with Adam to talk more about his love of sports and the non-stop pursuit of swimming greatness.

What challenges have you faced in this sport and what did you learn from the experience?
When I was younger, I was always winning, but this year someone else came and started beating me. I felt really mad because I hadn’t been beaten all my life, so I worked really hard and now we’re at the same level. The most important life lesson I learned in this sport is you don’t always have to win. When you’re down, just get your head up and train harder.

What’s your training schedule like during school days?
Two hours of swimming every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. One and a half hours on Mondays, and 45 minutes on Fridays. I usually train at GEMS International School and Wellington in Al Khail, GEMS World Academy and GEMS Nations Academy.

How do you balance school work and other activities?
When I’m at swimming, I forget everything about school, so I can concentrate on swimming. When I’m at school I forget everything about swimming. My family and friends support me by coming to my training sessions and competitions to cheer me on.

What advice can you give other kids who want to get into swimming and other sports?
When you’re doing school, concentrate on that. And when you’re training for your sport, concentrate on that.

To get the most out of his training, Adam wears UV-protected, high-resistance and durable Arena kids’ swimming wear from Sun & Sand Sports.

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