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Support Your Sport With Shock Doctor

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When you play hard, you put your body to the test, and sometimes at risk of injury. But why take the risk? There’s a whole range of protective products available from Shock Doctor to provide the protection and recovery that your body needs, no matter how hard you play.

From mouth guards, to performance tape, recovery compression bands, and protective accessories, Shock Doctor has all the tools that empower you to take on that sports challenge. You will find protective gear for the face, neck, and shoulders, for the wrists, knees, waist, back, calves, chin, elbows and ankles – it’s all there. Check out the collection today.


Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard

Shock Doctor

Taste the victory with Flavor Fushion technology – giving you both a tasty flavor and a custom Gel-Fit. The versatility of the design means that it works with or without straps, and the Exoskeletal Shock Frame™ provides important impact protection, not to mention the Gel-Fit™ liner that molds to teeth for a tight and comfortable fit.


Shock Doctor Adult Gel Max Convertible Strap/Strapless Mouthguard

Shock Doctor 2

Made with an Exoskeletal Shock Frame™, the Shock Doctor Unisex Adult Gel Max Convertible Strap/Strapless Mouthguard offers an engineered mouthguard that can be worn with or without straps, offering high impact shock absorption with a comfortable custom gel fit.


Shock Doctor Nano Double Fight Mouthguard

Shock Doctor

Gain with no pain in the Double Monocoque Shock Frame™ that absorbs and disperses impact. While the Tri-Bite and MORA technology is designed to ensure teeth are correctly aligned, internal shock absorbency is guaranteed by the Multi-Layer construction™.


Shock Doctor Kinesiology Tape

Shock Doctor

Get the maximum support and prevent the risk of injury with the Shock Doctor Unisex Kinesiology Tape. Featuring 3-way stretch, with an adhesive engineered wave pattern to help improve circulation and healing, this super tape can also be used to help recovery from joint and muscle pain, strains and soreness.


Shock Doctor Core Athletic Tape

Shock Doctor

Made with 100% latex free and hypoallergenic high tensile fabric, the Shock Doctor Unisex Core Athletic Tape is designed with computerised tension control, which makes it easy to unwind from beginning to end. The tape can be used to enhance the grip on sports equipment, and the Zinc oxide adhesive means that it can also be used on skin.

Check out the full range of Shock Doctor products for the full range of protective accessories to prevent injury and support recovery. For the latest updates from us, subscribe to the SSS newsletter below.


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