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Sports Superstars In The Making

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The youths of the UAE have showcased their sporty talents and we are impressed! The Sun & Sand Sports School’s Got Talent contest received hundreds of video submissions – from amazing football tricks, to basketball dribbling exhibitions, high-flying gymnastic routines, speedy swimming skills and more. Big talent does come in small packages after all! See for yourself the athletic youngsters of the UAE.

The School’s Got Talent’s online submissions and voting have now ended, and we’re in the final deliberation stages of the competition. The judging trio of YouTube star Mo Vlogs, footballer Jehad Muntasser and radio personality Annah Jacob, are excited to meet the kids and finally announce the winner. But choosing who will receive the grand prize of AED 20,000 is not going to be an easy task based on the huge amount of talent they’ve seen so far. Here’s what the judges have to say:

What do you think of the talent in the competition?
Jehad: These kids are showing real talent. But most of all, they are showing real passion in what they do and that’s the secret that can lead to success in their future sports careers.

Annah: There are some crazy, wickedly talented kids in the UAE and we’re not just talking about sport – it’s anything that’s athletic. Like the hip hop dancer, the boy who plays golf, and also the girl who does martial arts. It’s just incredible the talent and skills the kids have displayed.

Do you have a hidden sports talent to share?
Jehad: My passion and talent has always been football. I would practice for hours since the age of four. I see myself in some of these videos where kids are trying to improve their skills constantly in whatever sport they practice.

Annah: I am afraid I don’t have a hidden sports talent to share, unless eating is a sport, then yeah, that could be it.

Who do you think will be the winner?
Jehad: It’s very hard to predict. It’s not simple to judge between different sports, but for sure my winner will be the kid with the most passion, whose skills are the result of hard work and dedication.

Annah: I think that Afra has got the most votes on the website. She has incredible talent and clearly has a lot of people supporting her. So, I have a feeling she may walk away with this, but it’s still a little too early to say. We could have some last minute surprises.

To check out all the School’s Got Talent video submissions, visit Up next will be the announcement of the shortlisted contestants, so watch this space and sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news.



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