Sporting Life | 16/10/2023

Prepare for your hiking trip with Columbia

By Glaiza Seguia Godinez
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Winter is the outdoor season in the region, and that means outdoor enthusiasts can now dust off their tents and bring out their boots to start exploring different outdoor locations and activities like hiking and trail walking.

Outdoor hiking is a popular recreational activity here and involves walking in nature, often on trails or footpaths. It’s popular because almost anyone, at any age and fitness level can enjoy outdoor hiking. Sun & Sand Sports provides different clothing, shoes and gear for all outdoor sports. So before you plan for your next hiking trip, let Sun & Sand Sports help you get kitted out and pack the essentials.

Dependable Footwear for Your Journey

The first thing on the list should be dependable and durable outdoor shoes. Columbia has a wide range of hiking boots and walking shoes options for men, women and kids that are designed for different types of outdoor hiking, trekking or walking. It is important to choose the right Columbia hiking boots and shoes because they can provide your feet with needed protection from rocks, roots and other obstacles on the trail. Padded collar and lace fastening can also protect your ankles from sprains.

Good hiking boots provide support for your arches and ankles. This is important especially when carrying a backpack or treading on uneven terrain. The outsoles of Columbia hiking shoes are designed Omni-grip that provide good traction on a variety of environments, including wet rocks. This can also help to prevent falls and injuries. Columbia hiking boots are made from durable materials like textile or suede leather and equipped with technology like the OutDry with its waterproof and breathable construction. And also Techlite lightweight midsole construction for lasting comfort, cushioning and energy return.

Columbia Tandem Trail™ Backpack – 22L

Backpacking Essentials: Columbia Hiking Backpack

Another essential item you need for your hike is a Columbia hiking backpack. A daypack 16 to 30 litres capacity is ideal for a day trek. Choose versatile Columbia backpacks with adjustable and padded shoulder straps for comfort and to distribute the weight evenly, multiple compartments to fit in all outdoor gear and snacks, and of course it must be made of durable fabric like polyester with polyurethane (PU) coating for water resistance.

Stay Dry and Protected

Don’t forget to bring extra Columbia T-shirts and pants with Omni-wick technology to keep you dry and choose Omni-shade that has up to UPF 50 sun protection. In case the weather gets cold, bring a Columbia hoodie, jacket and beanies too.

Columbia Whirlibird™ Cuffed Beanie

The outdoors is calling and you are ready to answer it with the SSS Columbia sportswear collection, available at Share your fun outdoor moments with us and tag us at

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