Sporting Life | 09/01/2018

How To Pick The Right Jacket For Outdoor Sports

By SSS Editorial

Outdoor season is now! And with that being said, there’s no time to waste. From steep treks to hiking trails, snow sports and more, it’s time for you to step outdoors with functional jackets that will support your every move and help you make the most of outdoor season.

Warm Up

Columbia Bugaboo™ Interchange Jacket - Abu Dhabi

One of the most important things to look out for in your jacket is the fabric and construction. Most jackets have a grid-baffle construction or a simple box like shape across the jacket to speed up thermal efficiency. This kind of construction resembles the same pattern in sleeping bags – only slimmer, and aims to trap the body heat within the jacket. If you’re set to explore the picturesque landscapes of Musandam and Fujairah then we’d suggest the Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Omni-HEAT Turbodown™ Jacket. With a similar grid-baffle construction over a pure nylon fabric, the jacket keeps you cosy with its Omni-HEAT technology.

Ventilation is Key

The North Face Naslund Triclimate® Jacket- Abu Dhabi

For a hiker, staying ventilated while maintaining the body’s core temperate is vital. After all, hiking is a vigorous sport. To prevent heat exhaustion and keep regulating that core temperature, it is important to pick a jacket made out of lightweight fabrics. The North Face Naslund Triclimate® Jacket is perfect for all-season hikers. Its lightweight construction and waterproof layers make it a great piece that leaves you with optimum comfort and convenience for the everyday explorer.

Stay Weatherproof

Columbia Apparel, Voodoo Falls 590- Outdoor Sports

Skiing is one of the most adventurous outdoor sports and it requires a heavy-duty jacket. Apart from extreme thermal action, your jacket needs to be waterproof, breathable and highly insulated so that you can freestyle on flat terrains and slopes with ease. The The Columbia Bugaboo™ Interchange Jacket features a thermal reflective technology that strategically places silver dots across the fabric to reflect body heat, thereby retaining it for longer. Its interchangeable features allow you to adjust the jacket or layer it with other accessories.




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