Sporting Life | 17/09/2017

Perfect Support For Your Sport

By Glaiza Godinez
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

It may look like a simple undergarment, but your choice of sports bra can make or break your workout. Scientific research has proven that unsupported breasts during activities move and oscillate, which gets in the way of exercise and can also be very painful. Soreness and chafing are common complaints of female runners, for example. Sports bras are meant to be tight, and wearing ill-fitting ones can cause chest, back and shoulder pain and prevent you from getting the most out of your workouts. Researchers found out that women who experience breast pain when working out reduce the intensity of their training or skip it altogether. That is why equipping yourself with the right sports bra that suits your particular sport is essential to any active woman.

A supportive sports bra is the first thing women consider when preparing to train or do sports. But often, it is also the hardest thing to shop for. Let Sun & Sand Sports help you make the right choice and ensure a perfect fit with our top picks from the SSS collection.

Things to consider

Be body aware – whether you need extra support or fuller coverage, always go for the sports bra that caters to your specific physical needs. Choose comfort above all else – when buying online, make sure it matches your band, bust and cup measurements. If you can, try on the sports bra, adjust the straps, do test jumps, jogs and stretches with it. Ask yourself if it is easy to put on and take off, or if the underband rolls up when you move. Consider the durability – hard wearing and tech-packed sports bras are a great investment; your body and your pocket will thank you for it. And always keep in mind the impact level of the activity you will be doing. Will you be running hard? That will cause a lot of bounce. Will you be doing a lot of stretching? You will need something flexible for that. We look at the three levels of support.

Low impact

sports bra abu dhabi

Low impact sports bras are designed for activities that cause little to no bounce, like walking, yoga, Pilates, barre and more. The printed Under Armour® Strappy Low Sports Bra is made with a double layer HeatGear® fabric for fast wicking, is ergonomically fitted and best for women with A to C cups. The multiple skinny straps on the back provide strategic support.

Medium impact

sports bra dubai

If you are cycling, strength training or doing weights, there will be a moderate degree of bounce. You will need a sports bra that is snug, like the Nike Shape Zip which has mesh built-in stabilisers, thicker straps and sewn-in cups for bounce control. The best part is the full zippered front and clasp for easy on and off.

High impact

sports bra uae

High-impact sports like marathon running, football, tennis or dancing – are characterised by intense and frequent exercise. Do them comfortably wearing a sports bra with ultimate support. The adidas Performance CMMTTD Racer HT Sports Bra delivers revolutionary comfort with a curved neckline, moulded padded cups and adjustable, thick straps. The compressions fit provides a locked-in feel without restricting movement.

From support levels to innovation, sports bras should be tailored for your body and movement. Find your fit now with the Sun & Sand Sports sports bra collection. To know more about how pick and shop the right gear for you, sign up to our newsletter now.



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