Sporting Life | 30/11/2023

Open Water Swimming: Tips, Gear, and Safety for Beginners 

By Ummehani Mustafa
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Open water swimming is about taking a dip in lakes, rivers, or oceans—embracing nature’s beauty while facing changing conditions like waves and currents. With the temperatures cooling, this is the ideal time to explore this activity. Beginners should start in calm waters, prioritizing safety as they explore this thrilling activity.

Embarking on open water swimming can be both exhilarating and daunting for beginners. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, understanding essential tips and having the right gear is crucial. Let’s explore beginner-friendly advice and essential gear to help you embrace this thrilling aquatic activity.

Essential Tips for Beginners

Start Slow: Begin in calm waters and gradually increase the distance as you build confidence and strength.

Practice Breathing: Master rhythmic breathing to enhance endurance and relaxation while swimming.

Safety Measures: Always swim with a buddy, be aware of your surroundings, and understand local water conditions.

Technique Focus: Work on your stroke technique to swim efficiently and reduce fatigue.

Choosing the Right Gear

Swimwear Selection:

Coega Women’s Full-Length Slim-Kini: Offering coverage and style, this full-length slim-kini is perfect for women looking for comfort and confidence while swimming.

Speedo Women’s Essential 3/4 Pants: Ideal for those preferring more coverage, these 3/4 pants offer flexibility and comfort during open water swims.

Speedo Men’s ECO Endurance+ Splice Rashguard: Men can stay protected from the sun and irritation with this rashguard, built for comfort and durability.

Coega Men’s Swim Capris Shorts: These swim capris offer men a snug fit and flexibility for unrestricted movement while swimming.

Swim Essentials:

Speedo Kids’ Eco Endurance+ Medalist Swimsuit: Designed for comfort and durability, this swimsuit is perfect for young swimmers exploring open waters.

Speedo Kids’ ECO Endurance+ Swimming Jammers: Offering freedom of movement, these jammers are excellent for kids venturing into open water swimming.

Speedo Women’s Slides: Slip into these comfortable slides before and after your swim for ease and convenience.

Speedo Men’s Surf Knit Pro Shoe: Protect your feet on rocky surfaces with these durable and versatile shoes.

To excel in open water swimming, start slowly in calm waters, gradually increasing your distance as strength and confidence develop. Focus on body positioning, sighting landmarks, and learning drafting techniques for efficiency. Prioritise safety by swimming with a buddy, understanding local conditions, and being aware of weather changes.

Practise smooth entries and exits, especially in changing currents or waves. Equip yourself for cold water and handle panic by staying calm and breathing steadily. Hydrate, nourish and recover post-swim while regularly training to build endurance and technique. Consistency, caution, and gradual progression are key to mastering open water swimming.

Must-Have Swimming Accessories

Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggles: Experience clear vision and reduced glare with these high-performance goggles.

Speedo Biofuse Training Fins: Improve leg strength and technique with these training fins.

Speedo Kids’ Learn to Swim Character Printed Float Vest: Ideal for safety and buoyancy, perfect for kids learning to swim in open waters.

Speedo Long Hair Swimming Cap: Specifically designed for long hair, this cap keeps hair dry and secure during swims.

Open water swimming is an invigorating activity that allows you to connect with nature while exercising. With the right gear and guidance, beginners can dive into this adventure safely and confidently. Gear up with the perfect swimwear and accessories from Sun & Sand Sports, follow these tips, and explore the wonders of open water swimming. Remember, safety first, and enjoy your aquatic journey!


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