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Meet the UAE’s playmaker: Omar Abdulrahman

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It is not by coincidence or luck that Nike has chosen Al Ain FC’s golden boy and national star athlete Omar Abdulrahman to introduce the Hypervenom II to the UAE. It is the combination of his agility and incredible performance on the field that have him sharing the world stage with football greats like Neymar and Götze. While he has already made a name for himself amongst players of the Arab world and Asia, Omar who also goes by ‘Amoory’ is ready to become an international icon.

Read on to find out more about this man in demand – locally and internationally, as well as his love for football and Nike.

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What was it like for Al Ain FC to win the Arabian Gulf League?

Amoory: Thank God, after all the effort we’ve put in for the entire season we’ve come off victorious. Though, I do wish we didn’t have to compete against our brothers at the Al Ahli Club, so that we could have qualified together at the quarter finals. In any case now, it is all about supporting the team representing the UAE.

Tell us how you’ve risen through the ranks so quickly?

Amoory: This is a gift given to me by God. On another note, for any player to excel he has to be incredibly focused; for instance, with every match I’ve played, I’ve paid attention to the way the ball balances and moves with my feet, so I could get a better feel of how to run and shoot. Moreover, football is my passion and desire, and thanks to the great team spirit I’m surrounded by at the Al Ain and national football club – it has got me to where I am today.

There’s also my Nike Hypervenom II boots that help me through every game; it’s the shoe worn by only the best players.

Do they really help?

Amoory: What’s important for me is a football shoe that is not only light and flexible, it moves naturally with me as if it was a second skin, so I can control the ball and tackle my opponents with ease. This shoe is such a perfect fit – it shields me from frictions and injuries every time I’m on the field. That’s why the Hypervenom II has got to be the best shoe I’ve ever had in my entire football career.

Honestly, Nike always outdoes it; they’re there to support the best players by making the best shoes. They’re just the greatest company in the world, as they make shoes that cater to a player’s position and playing style. I’ve gained so much by using the Hypervenom II, and it has also improved my performance by staying light, flexible and balanced on my feet.

Are you ready to start playing football internationally? 

Amoory: I hope so. It is every footballer’s dream to play on an international stage, but that can wait, as I have a 3-year contract with Al Ain FC and I’m happy playing for them. If God wants me to play internationally, it’ll happen; if not I’m already playing for such a huge club.

What are your ambitions for the UAE national team?

Amoory: Our biggest goal is that we’re all hoping to qualify for the World Cup finals in Russia 2018, as we know we have what it takes. For now, our highest priority is the Asia Championship 2019, as it’ll be held in our beloved country and we’ll be cheered on by our supporters. It would be great to win this continental title.

What are some of the best matches you’ve played so far in your career?

Amoory: Some of my most memorable matches include playing against Iraq for the 21st Gulf Cup Finals in Manama; Uruguay at the 2012 London Olympics, and the President’s Cup Final, where we were up against Al Ahli.

What is the most difficult decision you’ve made while playing on the field but were glad you did it?

Amoory: It has to be during the recent Asian Finals in Australia. We were up against Japan, and it reached penalty shootouts; I wasn’t sure if I was up for this nerve-wracking moment but I knew that it was really important to be brave so that I could give my all and keep the team spirit up, which helped because we won the match.

Undoubtedly, my Hypervenom shoes helped me through this too – particularly because when it comes to penalty kicks, your feet and shoes have to be one unit so that you can execute passes effortlessly, and the Hypervenoms did just that.

Lastly, what are the challenges that await you at the national and Al Ain football clubs?

Amoory: With Al Ain it would have to be getting through and winning the Asian Federation Cup Champions League, while on a national level it’s a dream for my teammates and I to win the Asia Championship title. Personally, I do wish to play for the World Cup in Russia; however, at the end it’s my colleagues and I working as a team that will get us winning the matches we play.

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