Sporting Life | 11/04/2017

Hit The Green With Nike’s Lunar Control Vapor

By Glaiza Seguia Godinez
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

Golf fashion has changed dramatically over the years. The leather and steel cleats are a thing of past, and the future of golf footwear is all about spike-less designs, focusing on athletic silhouettes, vibrant colours and, most importantly, supreme comfort that will last until the 18th hole. When the current world number two, Rory McIlroy laced up his new Nike Golf Lunar Control Vapor shoes in the recently concluded Masters Tournament, it set a new benchmark for sport-specific wear.


New look


The Lunar Control Vapor is an eye-catcher with a structure that resembles a running shoe in exciting colourways, but with the technicalities for the course. The upper is designed with mesh surrounded by Nike Skin microfibre, a material lighter than leather that doesn’t stretch over time, nor does it absorb water. The Dynamic Flywire, composed of braided polyester cables, enables a breathable midsole lockdown that reacts to every foot movement and it is complemented by a lace-up closure system.

Aggressive traction


A golfer needs stability and balance to power up a swing for good ball contact. The Nike Golf shoes introduce the new Articulated Integrated Traction (AIT) outsole, providing a superior grip, no matter the course condition. Nike Golf footwear designer Carl Madore explained that they wanted to create an outsole that “moves through the entire golf swing”, and the result was a pattern of protruding tracks inspired by snowmobile treads. These “modern teeth” connect with the ground even when you shift from heel to toe and the flex grooves help with swing transition. The dual directional AIT are strategically positioned and sized to help eliminate spike marks on the green. The design also means less grass and dirt get stuck to the shoe, so less distraction and the shoe remains light.

Any player will definitely feel the difference, just ask McIlroy, who during the product testing phase hit a variety of shots in different parts of the course without slippage. He describes the Lunar Control Vapor as less rigid, providing more freedom of movement with a lightweight feeling. “You can feel your feet and the ground more. Cushioning is great, comfortable, snug, but in a good way,” he adds.

Comfort zone


McIlroy is referring to the full length Lunarlon midsole that features a resilient foam core that is plush, supportive and gives the wearer a springy response. Lunarlon by Nike is 30% lighter than traditional Phylon. It evenly distributes force of impact to reduce pressure on feet, so you stay protected and comfortable throughout the game.

Rory McIlroy may have missed the Masters Green Jacket this year, but he’s still on the leaderboard for top style on the green. The road to Grand Slam glory is difficult, and the athlete continues to chase the cup, sporting his Nike Golf shoes.

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