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Get Ready For Outdoor Season With SSS

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Can you feel that itch to get outdoors? We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for the cooler weather to kick in, and it’s finally on its way! It’s time to set ourselves free from the air conditioning, from the indoor workouts, to do something a little more adventurous, such as hiking and trekking. Some of us may be set to explore the UAE’s outdoor landscape of undulating sand dunes, rugged, rocky wadis and winding trails, and others may be travelling abroad to cooler climes. Whatever you’re considering doing this outdoor season, be prepared and get your gear sorted at Having the right outdoor clothing and gear can make the difference between a good time and a challenging one. Allow us to inspire you with our recommendations for the outdoor warrior in you, with our picks from The North Face. We’ve also got a few gadgets to add to your bag, to track your treks and build those lasting memories.

Layer With A Staple Jacket

The North Face Ventrix Red UAE

The North Face Ventrix Black Dubai


When on a trek or climb, your body heats up quickly, so it’s important to have good quality, functional layers, which you can put on or remove when your temperature or weather conditions fluctuate. The North Face Ventrix Jacket is one to try, as it is lightweight, it manages sweat and heat perfectly with perforations strategically located to expel excess heat, and also includes Ventrix dynamic venting insulation. It is also water resistant for when you are caught in a rain shower.  You won’t be short of storage space either for your phone, gloves and small items with two side pockets and one in front.

Protect Yourself From Head To Toe

The North Face beanie UAE

The North Face Pant UAE

The North Face Hedgehog


Your brain is your survival engine. When the temperature dips, it directs heat towards your organs and muscles to keep them warm, so you need to constantly be aware of regulating your body temperature when your surrounding conditions change. A hat is an important piece of clothing, easy to carry and keeps you cosy.  Where would you be without a trusty hat like The North Face Salty Dog Beanie ?

As with a coat, you don’t want your trousers to weigh you down, especially when your legs are hard at work scouring the landscapes. Great for hiking especially in cold weather, The North Face Winter Exploration Cargo Pants feature ultra thin PrimaLoft insulation to keep you warm while they also allow great, unrestrictive movement.

If your feet are happy, you are happy. There is nothing worse than foot pain hindering your adventure when you are miles away from shelter.  With The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack Gor-tex Shoe , the in-shoe plates allow for good placement and stability while the TPU Cradle Guide technology locks your heel to the ground – perfect for when the ground is tough and uneven. This hiking shoe is also lightweight and waterproof with rustproof eyelets, making it an all-round great shoe for short hikes.

Track Your Progress

FitBit UAE

Be proud of what you’ve achieved with your activity and improved fitness levels by getting a Fitbit tracker. The Fitbit Blaze™ Smart Fitness Watch with GPS has over five days of battery life so you can charge it before you head out on long treks. It will then continue to track your every step with the SmartTrack™ including your heart rate as you sleep to monitor how you are recovering on those tired legs. Easily sync with your smart phone or computer and compare your progress with others. You can track running, walking and biking.

Film The Fun


GoPro Clip and Strap UAE

GoPro autocharger UAE


What better way to share your experiences with family, friends and all those social media followers, than with the GoProHero4 . It gives you 12-megapixel photos, continuous loop, auto low light function and high battery life. The SuperView also provides an enhanced POV (point of view), increasing the angle of view. In addition, you can link it to your smart phone where you can change the settings conveniently.

Don’t forget to fix the GoPro HERO4 Black to your head with the GoPro Head Strap and QuickClip and keep a GoPro Auto Charger in your vehicle.

So hopefully this gives you a head start with your essential outdoor and hiking gear ready for the months ahead – all from Sun & Sand Sports online. Don’t forget to stay informed about more outdoor gear updates and trends by signing up to our newsletter.

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