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Find your game. Find your passion.

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By SSS Team
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Sports is one of the major contributing factors in children’s development. A powerful tool that not only enhances their mental and physical growth, but also allows them to make new friends, learn about teamwork and improve self-esteem. Confidence is something not easily taught in a classroom, and willingness to step out for the comfort zone can begin with exploring different hobbies, activities and sports.

Here’s why you should encourage them to try new activities and find their passion:

1.    It helps them develop their fundamental movement skills, which are a basic necessity for sport building blocks. Fundamental movement skills include fine motor skills (small movements like picking up a ball) and gross motor skills (bigger movements like jumping). Developing these skills through various activities leads to physical awareness, which helps kids feel more confident and competent in their ability to play.

2.    Acquiring the ability to get involved in many games helps minimise injuries from repetitive movements caused by overusing the same muscles or joints by playing a single sport. They won’t be as burnt out or bored easily when they have variety sports or activities to try.  

3.    Eliminating the mental stress and pressure by not pushing them to specialize or excel in just one thing. Let your child have the opportunity to try activities and let them chose on one or more sports he or she really enjoys.  

4.    Allowing them to discover their own passion. You should also seek opportunities for your children to try different activities at summer camps. It is a playground for skills development rather than structured competition.

5.    Trying out a range of different sports can help your child find like-minded people, who share the same passion for sports as he or she does.

Let’s always encourage our kids to explore different opportunities, find their own passion and support them throughout. It is also important to work together to help young athletes stay healthy, avoid burnout, have fun and set the stage for a lifetime of physical activity.

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