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Elevaete Your Fitness With Sun & Sand Sports

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Sun & Sand Sports is proud to launch Elevaete – a home-grown activewear brand founded by women for women in the UAE. Elevaete UAE operates on the mission of creating a range of high-quality activewear for local and expat women in the UAE and across the region to propel them forward as they chase success on the journey to become fitter on a road to healthier, elevated lives.

The brand made a splash in November 2016 with its ‘Emira-Tee’ product, namely a t-shirt showcasing the colours of the UAE flag on a background of white to celebrate the country’s 45th National Day in December 2016. Ever since then, Elevaete’s founders Tanvi Malik and Dana Miskulnig have been featured in the UAE media and online portals promoting the local brand. They built the brand in a bid to inspire women to get elevated collectively through their passion for health and fitness.

Sun & Sand Sports is geared towards making the UAE and the rest of the GCC region a fitter, healthier place. Our dedication to health and wellness encourages us to support the local community and home-grown brands like Elevaete. The inspiration for fitness lies within us all, and both Tanvi and Dana have inspired many women in the UAE to pursue their wellness goals actively with their ‘Square One’ collection.

Take a look at some of the pieces from the collection now available at the Sun & Sand Sports online store.

Elevaete Bring It Up Tank Top


Eleveate activewear is functional with a touch of feminine elements. This unique tank top features an asymmetrical hem you can wear loose or tie together for a fitter look and feel. The round neck offers good coverage, while the mesh back panel enhances ventilation. This top is both comfortable and cute.

Elevaete The Base Shorts


Keep it cool during high intensity workouts with the classic five-inch Base Shorts with colour-block accents. The polyester and spandex material moves with the body and reduces the chance of chafing. The flat stitching is comfortable against the skin, while the wide waistband provides secured support and has a small hidden pocket for your keys or mini music player.

Elevaete The Groundwork Leggings


Lay down the groundwork for your fitness with the right gear, with these long-length leggings that come with mesh panel ventilation and colour-block design on the sides. Whatever your style and activity, the polyester-spandex material is durable, the waistband is supportive and it includes an interior hidden pocket.

With all women coming together for the greater good of the fitness community, Elevaete hopes to give every woman the opportunity to want more for herself and push herself forward to set and achieve greater goals. Stay updated with the latest sports trends and news from around the GCC and learn more about our exciting collaborations by signing up to our newsletter today.




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