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CrossFit: What’s it All About?

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Although it has been around for over 10 years, CrossFit has recently hit the global fitness scene on a far more accessible level, gaining an association with a hardcore and highly intensive workout as well as being a group-focused, community-favoured sport. CrossFit, just like any other workout is scalable to your fitness level and can be adapted to suit your personal strengths and the areas to work on. So if you’re intrigued or maybe intimidated, but just as keen to take on this tough-as-nails workout, here’s a rundown of what to expect from your first attempt at CrossFit.


What does it entail?

Depending on the gym you pick, you’ll be seeing a lot of barbells, bumper plates, chin-up bars and gymnastic rings. This area, known as the ‘box’ is where everyone works out and where the CrossFit buzz begins – with words of encouragement and cheers being exchanged by both the regulars and the newbies. Usually running up to a dozen people per class, each session includes a range of fitness levels and ages.

The session

Starting off with a series of warm-ups, the intensity of CrossFit kicks in when everyone gets paired up to start the Workout of the Day (WOD) – comprising of 5 to 10 different work stations per session. You’ll run through activities like hanging off a chin-up bar before a quick swap to the treadmill, or to the floor for a set of burpees. The class goes on for about an hour and puts the CrossFitters through their paces in bursts of high-intensity sets with very minimal break time in between. This gives your body a quick rest to catch your breath, and gets you back into the routine in no time.

What will you gain from CrossFit?

There’s no room for slacking off in this circuit training workout so your stamina sky-rockets. What’s more, because it has been designed so that you work off the exercising flow of your partner, it acts much like a personal coaching session which certainly helps with motivation and stamina.

How should you prepare for your first CrossFit class?

While there’s no preparation needed for your first CrossFit class, (except keeping an open mind and upping your hydration levels), there is a need to dress comfortably so that you can focus on your game. Footwear and apparel found in the Reebok CrossFit collection provide a great way to arm yourself with the support and functionality required. Shop the latest Reebok collection and get yourself kitted out for your next CrossFit session.


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