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Counting down to the World Cup

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Can you feel it? The buzzing of the crowd, the chants from the stadiums, the passion of the players, the adrenaline rush of the fans. It’s all coming… in just a few days! The 2018 World Cup is almost here and just like everyone, we are beyond hyped for the biggest sports tournament of the year. Shop online now with Sun & Sand Sports and take home the football jerseys and kits of your favourite national teams – from Germany to Brazil, we have got you covered.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Winning the Euro 2016 wasn’t enough. Ronaldo is looking to add the World Cup to his achievements as well. On top of his game lately and right off the heels of his Champion’s League success, you don’t want to mess with an on-form Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi

The gifted one, Messi has unfortunately failed to make his mark during his time with the Argentina National Team. Could this be his year? Only time will tell.

Neymar Jr.

Arguably the best young talent in the world of football, Neymar Jr. has been only been improving and it’ll be a delight to watch him play for Brazil this World Cup.

Antoine Griezmann

The Atletico Madrid star is certainly hot property in the football world right now and with the transfer market open, every big team is trying to get their hands on the French star. Seeing him perform at the World Cup will only be a delight.

Toni Kroos

Helping ease Real Madrid through to a straight third Champions League win, Toni Kroos will have all eyes on him as he dons the German colours this World Cup.

The World Cup 2018 is fast approaching. Are you prepared for the biggest football event of the year? We certainly are! Shop online now with Sun & Sand Sports for all the latest football jerseys and kits, delivered straight to your doorstep.




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