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Columbia Omni-Heat – For The Avid Adventurer

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Outdoor season is about to hit us (finally), but for the avid adventurer, outdoor season never stops – as they chase the adventure both home and away – maybe taking some time out to visit climates much colder than the UAE for a skiing, hiking or trekking fix. Cold weather conditions are not something we see much of in the GCC, but when we travel far and wide, we want to be able to count on our insulating gear to keep us warm and ready to battle the elements.

To shed light on your decision making, we’ve put one particular jacket, from the Columbia clothing range, under the microscope to show you how technology can be a game changer in harsh climate and weather conditions.  Meet the Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Omni-Heat Turbodown Jacket.

Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Omni-Heat Turbodown Jacket – A Winter Warmer

Columbia winter jackets all undergo rigorous testing by pro skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, and the brand has even hired people to tough test them in Sweden where temperatures dip below -30 degrees Celsius in winter. It’s fair to say that the essentials we can expect from a good outdoor jacket are therefore fine-tuned and of exceptionally high quality in the Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Omni-Heat Turbodown Jacket. A lightweight jacket featuring cuffed sleeves, a rounded-off, high collar and adjustable drawcord lock keeps out cold drafts, while the matte nylon shell is water resistant. The baffles are smaller, thereby creating a more fitted look, compared to thicker, puffier jackets. But it’s what’s underneath that makes it even more impressive.

Thrive In Thermal

Columbia Omniheat Dubai

This jacket has a striking showpiece: the Omni-Heat™ reflective technology. Lining the inside of the entire jacket, the technology consists of 35% reflective, shiny dot patterning, which, if a light is shone onto it, reflects straight off. This effect works in exactly the same way for heat, so when your body emits heat it then bounces back towards you off the Omni-Heat™ reflective lining. Perfect when you stand out in cold conditions, but that’s not all, it will even work to cool you down when you get too hot, as the remaining 65% of the lining is breathable fabric which dissipates moisture and any excess heat to keep your temperature totally regulated and safe.

The Lowdown On Down

Combine the Omni-Heat™ with another technology in this jacket: the 590 TurboDown™ insulation and the result is a real, winter warmer. The “590 TurboDown™” means that there is a combination of 540-fill, responsibly sourced goose down-blend facing outwards to the elements and 50g of Omni-Heat™ Thermal synthetic insulation backing just behind it, all of which is encased in the Omni-Heat™ reflective lining. Heavy-duty jackets are often designed using either natural or synthetic down, but Columbia has taken the best of both to create an effective, cosy hybrid.

Columbia Omniheat English slicer 1

Columbia Omniheat Eng slicer 2

Now there are only two choices to make: with or without a hood. If you’re heading for a hike, trail walk or going camping, then the Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Omni-Heat Turbodown Jacket shown in blue, is a great insulating layer, while the option in black will serve you well when the cold breeze catches you on the highest of pistes or mountain tops.

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