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Back To School With SSS

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The summer break is in full swing, but there’s a lot to get ready for the new term ahead! As children embark on a new school term, there are a lot of preparations to be done, like easing them back into an early morning routine, to packing their backpacks with all the essentials. Back To School planning is not something to dread, but rather to be enjoyed by both parents and kids. We are here to make it that bit easier! Let Sun & Sand Sports help you prepare and get the kids excited with our latest, multi-brand range of clothing, shoes and gear for school boys and girls. Check out our dedicated Back To School page for all the updates you need from now until the schools go back.

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We present to you the Sun & Sand Sports Back To School campaign for 2017 with tagline, “Own The School” and motto #ShowThemYou. To kick off this new school term, we scouted for sporty school kids that best represent the SSS spirit. We met interesting and enthusiastic little athletes, who impressed us with their skills and creativity during the casting, like 12-year-old footballer Anthony El Helou, 7-year-old sprinter Sylvie Waddick and many more young characters. These kids were shortlisted to be part of our Back To School campaign, and they have proven that sport is for everyone no matter the age, gender or interest, and that it can bring the community together.

Get a sneak peek of the fun and action-packed moments from our casting session last month.


SSS understands that sports play an important role in developing young minds and bodies. Check the essential items off your Back To School list by shopping our wide selection of performance wear and sports accessories.

Swimming is part of the curriculum for most schools because it is a great all-body exercise, a fun recreational activity and an important life skill. Swimming builds endurance and it’s also a good way to cool down on a hot day. Encourage children to be more water aware with our collection of kiddie swimsuits and accessories.

Football is probably the most played sport in the world today. It teaches discipline and camaraderie among players, and with legends like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo tearing up the pitch, it’s no surprise that more kids are signing up for their local clubs. Equip them with the proper football boots, jerseys and gear from Sun & Sand Sports.

All that dribbling and shooting in basketball helps develop motor skills and coordination. Playing hoops can help you stay in shape, and also boosts your confidence and builds a sense of teamwork. Cop the latest releases of basketball shoes, clothing and gear for hard court practice and play.

Kids love to run around, so running is a great introduction to sport, because it comes naturally to them. Running strengthens bones and muscles, boosts the immune system and enhances overall metabolism. Keep them on the right track with the latest running shoes and kits from our multi-brand selection.

Start the school year right. Shop your little ones’ Back To School essentials with Sun & Sand Sports online at




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