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adidas Football Shoes: In A Class Of Their Own

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Back To School means back to sports for the kids. With PE classes, after-school clubs and weekend playtime, the kids are bound to get a lot of exercise and sporting action. Football is one of the most popular sports in the region, and the beautiful game has become larger than life. It’s part of most schools’ curriculum, with plenty of local clubs to check out and you can play the sport anywhere.


Back To School means back to Sun & Sand Sports to pick out your kids’ school and sporting gear. We’ve got the latest range of adidas kids’ shoes for football – including the unstoppable adidas Nemeziz – for all playing environments.

adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf Ground Football Shoe

adidas kids’ shoes

Artificial turf is made to look like actual grass and installed in indoor sports venues and schools. Turf shoes should provide excellent traction on this synthetic surface, and the adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Tango 17.3 Turf Ground Football Shoe delivers just that. The rubber outsole with textured tread goes deep into the short-blade plastic pitch for ease of movement. The attractive upper is fitted with durable and soft touch textile for ball feel and comfort.

adidas Kids’ Ace 17.3 Firm Ground Football Shoe

adidas kids’ shoes abu dhabi

A footballer’s natural habitat is the grass pitch, and the classic firm ground boots are essential for survival. They are designed with cleats or studs that grip the ground for stability and with durable uppers to withstand dirt and wear. The adidas Kids’ Ace 17.3 Firm Ground Football Shoe has 11 strategic studs allowing fast starts, stops and turns. Combined with 3D Control Skin upper for better ball control and higher collar to protect the ankle, you will be a force on the field.

adidas Kids’ X Tango 17.3 Indoor Football Shoe

adidas kids’ shoes dubai

No pitch, no problem. That’s the beauty of the sport, you can play it indoor or on the streets. The adidas Kids’ X Tango 17.3 Indoor Football Shoe has a specially designed outsole for speed and safety on smooth hard surfaces. The upper moulds perfectly to the foot because of its Techfit® sock-like compression, and the knit upper is flexible but doesn’t take away your control of the ball.

#ShowThemYou on any football field with our Back To School 2017 collection of adidas kids’ shoes, apparel and accessories for football, now available at For the future pro footballers, showcase your fancy footwork at the Sun & Sand Sports School’s Got Talent competition. Sign up now and share your talent on video for a chance to win AED 20,000.



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