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5 fitness workouts to do from home

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The ticket to getting fit doesn’t always have to add up to a gym membership; there are many ways to train in the comfort of your home any time of the day (or night) with your very own collection of equipment. There’s no waiting for your turn at a machine either when you can be doing any one of these 5 workouts backed up by a playlist of your choice right at home.

1. Pedal your way to fitness

5 workouts to do from home

Just as great as it is outdoors, cycling indoors is an exceptional way to burn calories, tone up and build stamina. Way less strenuous on your knees as compared to other cardio machines, the cycle gets your legs, glutes and ab muscles working, and depending on whether it reclines or sits upright, you’ll be supported in different ways as you pedal away. There’s never a dull moment on the bike either because you can vary resistance, pace or even choose to cycle standing up so your workout at home never goes stale.

What should I get?   There are many variations to a stationary bike – when it comes to comfort, functionality and style, the NordicTrack GX 5.0 offers it all while melting belly fat and toning up.


2. Skip to leanness

5 workouts to do from home

Skipping is not just child’s play, it’s an all-round workout – just a few minutes with the rope and you will be working your hands, legs and core. Often used as a filler between most strengthening and conditioning sessions like boxing and wrestling, skipping rope is not only a fuss-free activity that can be done anywhere at home, a few turns of the rope with rhythm and speed will have you sculpting your body while gaining plenty of balance and newfound reflexes.

What should I get? Jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running a mile in 8 minutes; to get such hits in your exercise routine, pick up the Pro-Form Skipping Rope that’s easy on the grip and jumpstarts your weight loss.


3. Sling your way to strength

5 workouts to do from home

Two stretchy ropes that have you working against your body weight, the sling trainer burns fat as well as toning and defining the body while you stretch your upper or lower half. Depending on the exercise you pick: from press-ups to lunges, each move varies in intensity by positioning your feet and hands at different angles within the slings. To jump to strengthening, slow down each movement and your muscles will be working twice as hard to keep you stable and balanced.

What should I get? Portable and easy to attach or detach, there are many kinds of sling trainers that can be used on doors, walls, etc. For a total body workout, the Kettler Sling Trainer Pro is the perfect fit and can be worked from every corner in your house.


4. Lift for power and endurance

5 workouts to do from home

The kettlebell offers a great combination of cardio and strength. Available in various weights from 8–24 kg, you can have your pick of fat-burning or muscle-toning depending on the exercise. A great addition to swings and squats, you’ll be aware of your fitness progress as you move on to heavier versions and train your body harder. Mix up your intensity levels by slowing down the pace of each exercise, and you’ll soon see results.

What should I get? Work out anywhere in your house with the York Fitness Kettlebells. Starting from weights of 3kg, build your endurance and strength with each additional kilogram.


5. Run to get fit

5 workouts to do from home

The king of all exercise equipment, the treadmill is the best way to run long distances at varying speeds and different levels of incline, in the convenience of your house. Just like running outdoors, the treadmill will improve overall health, tone up, build stamina and promote weight loss. For those looking for lower-impact training, switch to brisk walking on the machine, and slowly increase the elevation of the deck to keep your workout fresh and varied.

What should I get? Most treadmills come with a variety of options to help tailor your sprinting needs just like the Kettler Treadmill or the NordicTrack version, which regardless of your fitness level will help you to train for a marathon or a jog through hilly terrains. Check out our products at a Sun & Sand Sports store near you.


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