Sporting Life | 20/08/2017

The Nike Al Hilal FC 7ARA Event Experience

By Hussein Zohair
Copywriter, SSSPORTS.COM

At the beginning of August 2017, we announced Abdulla Ateq as the Sun & Sand Sports Football Ambassador – a Riyadh based Arabic presenter who was the lucky winner of our football competition. Being an SSS Football Ambassador, Abdulla will be invited to key football events, one of which included attending the Nike 7ARA event that took place recently in Riyadh, KSA.

To get kitted out for the event, Abdulla headed to one of the Sun & Sand Sports retail outlets to pick out an Al Hilal FC jersey before jetting off to the Nike 7ARA event where he got to meet players from Al Hilal FC, interact with them and snap some all-important selfies. The SSS Football Ambassador got to experience a lively event with performances, music, football matches and so much more. If you enjoyed the music in the video above, don’t miss the music video for Al Hilal FC by Majedalesa titled Hareqa, where you too can chant and join in the pride of the Saudi Professional League – Al Hilal FC.

Abdulla had a great time at the event and was also recorded commending on the organization of the event along with the reception it received. Our videographer followed him throughout and recorded everything that he did, ensuring his every interaction and moment was captured forever.

Al Hilal FC, current champions of the Saudi Professional League with their 14th title in hand, and we at Sun & Sand Sports now have their latest kits for the new season and as always are proud to work in association with such a beloved team and its roster of star footballers.





Shop online now at the Sun & Sand Sports online store and get yourself the latest Al Hilal FC kit, which is also available for kids, so you can all show your love and support for one of Saudi’s biggest football teams.




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